Lynn and Paul with Smudge, Fiyero, Levi and Reuben

Smudge 1st July, 2006, came to live with us at 7 weeks old. She was born on the farm at Skipness Castle and is from Working Sheep dog lines. We tried our hand at agility first. Turnout flyball was our thing. Smudge was a natural. She is an amazing speedy girl. We have been on the green carpet at Crufts in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Smudge retired from Flyball in 2017 after a wonderful career.


Fiyero 23rd December, 2010, is a Field Spaniel and was rehomed to us at Redcar Rugby Club at 9 months old. He is a typical goofy spaniel and it has been hard work training him for flyball,. He has finally mastered it and is proving to be a very reliable wee boy and 9" UKFL height dog.


Levi 3rd November, 2011, was rehomed to us from Morgan's Dog Rescue in Cumbria. We loved this Smily Saluki boy so much. He is a joy to have around and is showing promise at flyball, when he focuses,








Reuben 31st January, 2013 is a very beautiful Blue and White Border Collie. He was bred by our good friend Hazell Brown of Reivermorada.

He will be a fab flyball dog and is showing real promise at training, Patience required with our boy. 2018 may well be his year.

Rory with Jack: 22nd November, 2008

Jack was rehomed to us at the age of 10 months.

He began his flyball career immediately.



He is an amazing driven, fast but ball obsessed Border Collie.. He can be extra hard work and has his own particular quirks, we love him very much and he is a joy to own.

Lisa with Elphie: 21st April, 2011


Elphie came to us as an 8 week old puppy from fantastic working lines in Doncaster.

She began her flyball training as soon as she was old enough and was very easy. She got it straight away with lovely turns on the box, drive and has never flinched with passing other dogs.

However, being a spaniel she has "the nose" which means she can often be distracted.

She also likes to go back to the box for another ball if she hears the boxloader loading.

Very smart, loving, clever and did I mention gorgeous?

On 28th October, 2014, She provided us with an awesome litter of 4 chocolate boys. Albus, Sirius, Remus and Harry

Remus is the one who stayed. 

Dyanne with Tye, Becky and Kali

Esteban, Casper, Dixie and Lucy


Derek and Dixie

Logan and Kailen

Danni with Freddie

Dani and Alan adopted Freddie from the Dogs Trust when he was a year old.

Very little was known about Freddie other than he was a stray who was scared of everything and everyone.

Needless to say that has all changed since joining the Flying Scots and he now loves everyone... sometimes a little too much!

The wee Romeo has grown into a happy, confident little dog with an amazing character and he is not too bad at Flyball either x

Hazel with Eilidh

Eilidh was born in Perth, she came home to us when she was 8 weeks old. She is from working Labradors so she isn't tall but she is very intelligent. She lives with our other dog Sandy who is an orange roan cocker spaniel, he's 11 years old.  Eilidh has been a joy from the day she came home. She always loved retrieving her ball and her basic training was easy as she loves to please. Eilidh did 18 months of agility and was really good at it but she just loves her flyball. We decided to concentrate on flyball and  stay with Lynn and the team. This has been a great decision for both of us.  Eilidh gets so excited when she is training and at competitions. She has flourished since starting flyball and we both love it.

Harvey with Freuchie

Jane and Sarah with Tilly

"Tilly is a cross between a lab and a spaniel who has taken the best tributes from both breeds. We got Tilly as a puppy, the best Christmas present we have ever had. She is a loving, gorgeous girl who is naturally athletic. Flyball is the highlight of our week; naturally shy we have seen Tilly's confidence grow around other dogs and she has made lots of friends both with 4 legs and 2 legs and so have we".

Hazel and Ian with Ringo, Woody, Evie and Milla
Stuart with Ruby and Lilac

Mary and Sirius

Debbie with Ghost and Phantom

Alan and Ghost

Deidre and Mac
Anne with Glen
Nymphadora Tonks