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British Flyball Association Championships 2014

Posted on August 18, 2014 at 4:25 AM Comments comments (9)

The Flying Scots Rorz

The team was Smudge & Lynn, Jack & Rory, Paul & Fiyero, Lucy & Lindsay, Elphie & Lisa and Kali & Dyanne with Derek as Boxloader, Kerry watched our line and filmed our crosses for us.

We went to the champs seeded 3 in Division 21 with a declared time of 19.43 secs.

The plan was to keep the racing clean and to enjoy ourselves, we knew we could hold our own but had never raced the teams in our division.

We won the first race, were beaten in the second 2 legs to 3. We then went on a won the next 2 races. I had a habit of not looking at the board to see how the results were coming along as this sometimes put too much pressure on the handlers.

Or last race of the division was against Hatfield. They came into the ring and said that if we won this race we had the division. I was smilling so hugely inside but couldn't tell the team as under pressure I wasn't sure how we would cope. We beat them cleanly and became Divisional Champions!!!!

I never fully appreciated how amazing it is to be divisional champs until at presentation the chairman announced that for one team it was their fist divisional win in 14 years of competing a BFA Championships.

I'm very proud of my team, the way in which we conducted ourselves in and out of the ring. We deserved this win. Roll on next year!!

Later that evening we all dressed up as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Lynn as Pink Power Ranger, Lisa as Yellow Power Ranger, Kerry as Red Power Ranger, Paul as Green Power Ranger, Rory as Blue Power, Lindsay and Dyanne were Bulk and Skull and Derek as Boxloader. It was too dark to take photos, yes, we really must get better at that!!

Homework and Hardwork is paying off!

Posted on July 6, 2014 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Fantastic training session in the sunshine today!

Dogs were superb!

Special mention has to go to Lorraine for her hardwork with Archie. This little Border Terrier is full of fun and nonsense as border's can be. He loved nothing better that getting his ball and then running a lap of honour. The issue here was motivation, he had his reward and the clever little man was quite happy with that thank you very much. Archie knew that the minute he went back to mum, he might just lose his ball. Lorraine worked really hard at home introducing all sorts of toys and tuggy's but Archie has decided that the best reward is a treat and so he takes the ball back to Lorraine, places it in her hand then he is rewarded with praise and his treat and he knows he will get another go soon.